2010 EPA RRP Rule

2010 EPA RRP (Lead Safe Renovation, Repair, Painting)

As of April 11, 2010 the EPA, in an effort to reduce the growing issue of lead poisoning and lead exposure to children and pregnant mothers, mandated “Lead Safe” practices for residential structures containing lead-based paint. Lead-based paint was outlawed as of 1978. Homes built before this date may contain lead-based paint and is easily tested for with a chemical swab kit. The test kit contains a cotton swab and (2) internal chambers that when crushed mix together and saturates the cotton swab with an orange colored liquid. The cotton swab is touched to a painted surface that has been prepped by cutting into the lead paint to expose the substrate material (wood, brick, etc). If the swab turns red then lead is present in the paint. If the color does not change then there is no lead present.

If the lead test is positive there are simple and effective protocols set forth by the EPA to perform work and minimize the spread of lead-based dust/paint chips.  Home improvement and painting contractors are required by law to be certified in “lead safe practices” by an EPA approved certification training. For further information please refer to the EPA website.


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